NEW ORLEANS (WGNO)– Residents in a Seventh ward neighborhood say they feel angry, helpless, vulnerable, frustrated and just downright unsafe, with the growing crime problems mostly targeted at one apartment complex.

The resident is referring to a double shooting in her neighborhood a week ago.  Video of the incident shows over 70 rounds from a semi automatic weapon were fired off.

“These gentlemen are trying to escape, crawling under his vehicle, I mean this was desperation, and he continues to spray. There’s not one person you can see still standing there”, said the resident.

At the heart of the neighborhood’s complaints is this multi-unit complex, called Spencer’s Place.  It’s home to a number of HANO subsidized apartments.  It’s also the same complex where a triple murder happened in March, and a complex near the 3rd district police station.

“The fact that NOPD is 8 blocks away, it tells you kind of where things are in this city as far a s fighting crime. And that people are very brazen because they don’t like they’re any repercussions for it,” said JP Morrell
Councilman at Large.

Morrell said the property owners should be held responsible for upkeep which would help conditions in the neighborhood.

“I see code enforcement violations around there all the time. The lighting’s terrible, trash is not picked up. HANO has some pretty stringent landscaping and other requirements. None of that’s being met at this location”, said JP Morrell Councilman at Large.

The residents are now pressing elected officials, HANO, and the police to increase their efforts to make their neighborhood safer.

“We’re saying to our stakeholders, what are you doing differently, why is this landlord and his property’s rights greater than our right to peace?,” said the resident.

Residents plan to show up at HANO to voice their complaints in person, as well as the council’s quality of life meeting next week.  .

The property owner Lloyd Villavaso told WGNO that he’s meeting contractors Tuesday to install cameras on each of the 6 4-plex units and lighting will go up in the courtyards and parking lots.