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UPDATE from Curt Sprang at the CCC: Workers collected tolls until about 4:35 this afternoon.  Then the message went out to stop collecting and to wave drivers through.


UPDATE: Rep. Pat Connick, the Republican representative for Marrero, announced that effective at 6PM Tuesday, the CCC will no longer collect tolls from drivers.


District Judge William Morvant ordered the results of the February election that renewed the tolls on the Crescent City Connection should be dismissed and a new election should be held on May 4, 2013.

The challenges to the election were filed shortly after the results showed that the decision to renew the tolls for 20 years passed by only 36 votes (see voting results image, below).

In response, Mike Teachworth, founder of, sent a statement that read: “The Westbank will get another chance to stop this unfair bridge tax which has taken over $400M out of our community over the last 24 years.”capture