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Just in time for Lent, there are a few crawfish myths to put an end to.

We all know that crawfish should be cleaned with salt before boiling to remove impurities and that we should never eat the crawfish that come out of the pot with straight tails rather than curved.  It turns out those mudbug rules are myths, according to the LSU Ag Center.

Scientists said, salt does absolutely nothing to clean out crawfish.

Boiled crawfish with straight tails are perfectly fine to eat as long as the meat comes out.

Kenan Buchert, Owner of Kjean Seafood in Mid-City said, “The straight tail is perfectly good to eat, nothing wrong with it, you just have to make sure the meat comes out of the head.  He said the best way to test is to to take the crawfish, shake it, and then remove the meat, if no meat comes out then it was most likely dead before it was ever boiled.”

The reason some good crawfish get straight tails is because they get over-crowded in the boiling pot, and their tails get straight in the pot.

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