“Crater” on Felicity St. making it dangerous and difficult for drivers


NEW ORLEANS– There’s a growing problem on Felicity Street in the Lower Garden District. A giant “crater” on Felicity Street is making it dangerous and difficult for drivers, and neighbors are speaking out about the problem.

“It seems to be expanding more and more. It is getting deeper and wider,” Vaughn Jordan said.

Neighbors are even calling it a “crater” because it is so large in size.

“You can’t get around it, you are limited to how much space you have for your vehicle,” he said.

“It is a big hole, and Felicity Street is an important street,” Miriam Feireira said.

Neighbor say the “crater” started off as a pothole more than two years ago, but it has gotten worse in the last six months.

“The bricks have been taken out six months ago, but no other work has been done,” Jordan said.

Another problem is, when it rains it floods and then the standing water becomes breeding grounds for mosquitoes. But the everyday problem is for drivers who are trying to get around and trying to find street parking.

“So difficult to be able to maneuver through here,” Jordan said.

Folks in the neighborhood have voiced their concerns to the City of New Orleans. No word yet as to when it will be fixed.


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