NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — New Orleans City Councilman JP Morrell continues to demand the resignation of New Orleans Police Superintendent Shaun Ferguson.

During the Council’s approval of the 2023 budget on Thursday (Dec. 1st), the NOPD was allocated $3.2 million dollars for a retainment and recruitment incentive program. The goal is to increase the current force of 965 officers by 20% within a six-month span.

But Morrell complained that giving more money to the NOPD is like trying to save the Titanic.

“You can repair the hole of the Titanic over and over,” said Morrell, “but if the captain keeps driving it into an iceberg, nothing’s going to change.”

Morrell also cited a survey addressing concerns from NOPD officers. According to the survey, the biggest complaints from officers are not about pay, but about alleged favoritism and cronyism.

When asked about Morrell’s complaints, Chief Ferguson said he disagreed with him, but does believe there needs to be more cooperation among the NOPD, the City Council, and the Civil Service Commission.

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