NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The debate on short-term rentals in New Orleans continues, and the New Orleans City Council was pushed to make a move.

Last year, the Fifth Circuit of Appeals ruled that the existing homestead exemption requirement for those who own and operate short-term rentals was unconstitutional.

So, on Thursday, to meet their March 31 deadline, the city council voted on a comprehensive zoning ordinance during a four-hour special meeting.

Among the amendments to that ordinance was allowing only one non-commercial short-term rental per square face.

Some who own and operate a short-term rental believe that’s too restrictive, and on the other side, some say the amendment will make matters worse.

The zoning ordinance passed as amended, but Council President JP Morrell argued upcoming votes on ordinances, dealing with enforcement and a three-strike rule, will carry more weight.

A few other amendments to the zoning ordinance were withdrawn Thursday, like requiring STR operators to display a large sign with permit and personal information, as well as increasing an operator’s response time to three hours.

The next meeting will be March 14 with a vote on March 31.