Cool new app! An expert photo designer adds fun flair to your photos in your phone!

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NEW ORLEANS– Consumers today use smartphones to capture and share important moments and experiences.  These photos are meaningful but can lack quality and the creativity truly desired.  Social networks and smartphones offer some photo editing tools, but they are mostly filters and lighting.  Consumers want their important photos to be an expression of themselves in beautiful and creative ways.

“Krome Photos,” a new service, solves the issue by putting the power of unique technology and a pro graphic designer at your fingertips.  Consumers simply send the photo from their smartphone with what they would like edited, and Krome’s expert photo designers will do the rest and then send it back for you to have.

“Krome Photos” will remove unwanted items in the photo, merge favorite elements of multiple images into one, change backgrounds, add items, color correct, smooth lines and more.  You can also explore “Krome Look Books” to get more creative ideas from a range of stylish backgrounds and styles including outdoor scenes and super unique visuals.  The photos that work the best for this service are full body photos.

For more information about Krome Photos, click HERE.  

WGNO’s News with a Twist Reporter Kenny Lopez sent in some of his photos to get “kromed” and check them out.  Check out the “before” photos of Kenny and then the “after” photos.




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