Construction On Freret To Be Redone

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“It’s frustrating, disappointing and hopefully they’ll get it right this time,” says Chip Apperson, owner of High Hat Café on Freret.

Apperson is now getting ready for round two. After having his corner barricaded for 28 days during Jazz Fest he’ll have to go through construction headaches again as the city prepares to take a second stab at building bumpouts on Freret between Jefferson and Napoleon Avenues.

“We have that construction going on, and that construction over there going on, and now they are going to be closing off sections of the block at a time to do this? It’s going to be hard for business,” says Demian Estevez, owner Mojo Coffee House.

Freret businesses Uptown are surrounded by construction. Napoleon and Jefferson have been taken over by crews and the city says construction on these bumpouts will hopefully begin before the end of the year, but first Freret needs to be repaved.

The city says they’re redoing the bumpouts because not all of them are ADA compliant, and residents say some are falling apart. This time contractors will primarily use concrete.

“The only thing I was surprised about was that after all the money was spent, taxpayer money, that their going back, ripping it out and rebuilding,” says Rhett Briggs, owner of Freret Street Publiq House.

The city hasn’t told us how much money they’ve already spent on the faulty bumpouts, but in a statement they do say:

“The City is committed to completing the Freret Streetscape Project and will continue to engage residents in the process to ensure a quality product for the neighborhood. In total, over $1 million is being invested in the Freret Street corridor to improve the quality of life and accessibility for the community.”

The city expect this new project to take 90-days.

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