NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — “As far as I’m concerned they’ve failed miserably,” that was what W.C. Johnson had to say when asked about the City of New Orleans response to crime.

The latest data from the Metropolitian Crime Commission shows there have already been 19 homicides in 2023 and more shootings than days.

“It’s terrible and it’s only because of the lack of attention and the lack of concern in the city especially the mayor’s office has,” said Johnson.

That’s why the New Orleans United Front held a crime summit allowing community members to voice their suggestions on how crime should be addressed. Most said it starts in our schools.

“I see kids walking the streets so we have to figure out why kids are walking the streets when they should be in school and why they are not in school and why the teachers are not calling the teachers when they miss so many days of school,” said Diedre Pierce Kelly.

“Bullying needs to be taught in our schools from K through 5 it needs to be mandatory, coping skills need to be taught so our kids won’t be on drugs,” said Zelia Williams.

Others say the police department needs to do more.

“Cops need to get out of the cars and start walking the neighborhoods,” said Lee Glass.

Johnson says he plans to take all the suggestions straight to City Hall.

“We are not only going to submit it but we are going to be lobbying as well,” he said.