Cole is ‘Rescue Dog of the Year’


NEW ORLEANS — The Humane Society of Louisiana has chosen a 4-year-old pit/Lab mix named Cole to be its ‘Rescue Dog of the Year’ for 2020.

Every year, the group selects a dog that has faced big challenges — usually at the hands of people — and that highlights the group’s work to help all animals in need.

Cole was surrendered by his former owners in Concordia Parish, and he was in terrible shape. The HSLA says Cole had mange, ear mites, anemia, a skin infection, and a list of parasites. Even worse, his former owners thought motor oil would help solve some of the problems and doused him with it. Instead, the oil only made Cole’s medical problems worse.

Currently, Cole is recovering well under the care of veterinarians. But his medical bills could surpass $1,500. The HSLA is hoping people will go to its website and donate to help cover the costs.

“We are delighted that we are able to give Cole a second chance,” HSLA Director Jeff Dorson said in a written statement announcing Cole’s selection. “He has a sweet disposition and is very playful despite being neglected for so long.”


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