Coast Guard rescues three people near Port Fourchon

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The Coast Guard rescued three people from a vessel sinking off the coast from Port Fourchon Saturday.

It happened just after noon, with three people onboard.

An aircrew from New Orleans found the boat, and waited 45 minutes with the people onboard for 45 minutes while waiting for a rescue boat.

Everyone is said to be in good condition and was greeted with EMS when the got to shore.

The commander had a piece of advice for people before they get on the boat.

“The fact that they had a VHF radio greatly assisted in us finding the three people quickly and making sure they were safe,” said Lt. Cmdr. Michelle Ferguson, Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator at Sector New Orleans. “We strongly recommended that if you are planning on going out on the water you have the proper safety equipment in the event an accident happens.”


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