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NEW ORLEANS — Are you still working on your New Year fitness goal? Maybe you are tired of the gym? How about a change of scenery?

Hop on a surf board at City Surf Fitness New Orleans for a full-body workout! Yes. A surf board!

“You laugh at yourself, and you can’t really worry about people looking at you because if they look at you, they are going to fall! You really have to focus, it’s a great de-stressor,” said owner Becky Angle.

City Surf is group fitness done on stability surfboards. You may recognize the equipment from the show Shark Tank! Angle took the boards and created the concept of classes around them.

Located at 5924 Magazine Street, classes are offered daily with an instructor. Since the pandemic, virtual classes are also now available.

“We have been very safe during Covid.  We have our boards about 8 to 9 feet apart and we require masks. Also, we sanitize a ton,” Angle explained. “50 minutes for yourself and just being able to let go and not think about what goes on in your day to day and just getting yourself on a board is so important.”

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