City still in ‘rescue mode’ as Mayor Cantrell gives us the latest update on the Hard Rock Hotel collapse

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NEW ORLEANS– One body removed from building, one still missing, and roads are to remain closed tomorrow.

Mayor LaToya Cantrell says that one of the known deceased has been taken out of the debris and is being transported to Corner’s office to be identified. Another deceased has not yet been removed from the building. There is still one person missing in the debris that has not been located.

Fire Cheif Tim Mcconnell says that the NOFD is still in rescue mode and a team of rescuers will be going back in later tonight to try and locate the other missing person. They believe that he is located on one of the higher floors, but they will need to secure the crane before attempting to get deeper into the building. The goal is to stabilize the crane tonight, and “time is of the essence.” Two crane experts and engineers have flown into New Orleans, and one more is coming from outside the country tonight.

NOPD Chief Ferguson reminds residents that Monday is the busiest traffic day in the Central Business District, but the collapsed zone will be closed. That includes Canal Street from South Saratoga to Barrone and Rampart from Conti to Common. Ferguson requests that residents stay out of the area, try to carpool and to use public transportation. There will be heavy traffic delays, so Ferguson asks employers to be patient with their employees and asks everyone to leave earlier than they typically would. Traffic updates can be found at

Mayor Cantrell reminds us, “This is some of our family’s worst day of their lives. We’re asking residents, love on your family, hug one another as well because that human spirit is what we all need to just keep on keeping on.”


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