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The Louisiana Highway Safety Commission has partnered with Le Sanctuary, Inc., Blue Bikes, AARP New Orleans, Morgan Walker Productions, local elected officials, and community influencers to tackle the topic of bicycle and pedestrian safety.

On Tuesday, officials hosted the’ Can You See Me Now?` Bicycle and Pedestrian Safety Forum, highlighting the need for biking infrastructures and tools in the New Orleans area to help identify the dangers for bikers and pedestrians when their safety is not a priority.

“Transportation involves getting to work, to services, and to recreation, by people who not only use the mediums of trucks and automobiles, but who also use bicycles or even walk. It is good that the Louisiana Highway Safety Commission, through Le Sanctuary, Inc., is sponsoring this forum to help keep bikers and pedestrians safer. I encourage anyone who can participate in the forum to take heed of the advice and the suggestions offered,” said the Honorable Eugene Green, Member of New Orleans City Council, Chairman of the Transportation Committee, and confirmed attendee of the forum.

Topics covered at the forum were:

  • Infrastructure solutions (mobility and safety), which includes updating the ADA Transition Plan, and the Moving New Orleans Bikes initiative.
  • the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, ways to support or leverage ongoing working efforts between the vulnerable road user group of Greater New Orleans with other organizations, and issues in public health and safety terms.

Statistics have shown that New Orleans ranks as Louisiana’s highest city for the number of pedestrian injuries and crashes for many years while pedestrian fatality rates exceed that of the national average. Between 2019 and 2020 there has been a 38.9% increase over the past 5 years, in bicyclist fatalities with alcohol involved.

“It is unacceptable that over 20% of traffic fatalities are pedestrians and cyclists. Walking and biking should not be a death sentence. All of us are road users in one form or other, and all of us have the right to safely enjoy that use,” said Lisa Freeman, Executive Director, Louisiana Highway Safety Commission.