City ‘faux pas’ means more woes for Bourbon Street businesses

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NEW ORLEANS — Bourbon Street is under construction again as the city failed to reconnect a sewer line properly the first time.

It’s a sight for sore eyes in the 100 block of Bourbon Street. The street torn up for a second time.

“It’s less than it was last year. Last year they had all the overhanging stuff you know, the debris looked like it was going to fall on you,” says Russell Williams who is visiting the French Quarter from Connecticut.

Businesses along the 100 block of Bourbon say they lost so much revenue the first time, they’re nervous history is going to repeat itself. Visitors even admit they’re less likely to shop in the area. It’s an eyesore.

“It deters tourism, it deters the locals from coming down because you’re not really sure what’s going down, what is going on in the streets,” says Brandy Norris who is visiting the French Quarter from Slidell.

And even though round two is only supposed to last a week, locals remain skeptical after the first round of construction took months longer than expected.

“Yeah right. I’m from New Orleans,” says Gwen McAuliffe.


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