City Council continues to discuss 2021 budgets


NEW ORLEANS – New Orleans Clerk of Court Arthur Morrell went before the New Orleans City Council with an agreement already in his pocket. In January– after about eight years of battling– the council agreed to give morale $4.6 million to run his office each year.

“Well, the battle ended the beginning of this year when we sat down and the CAO and myself with my staff and we came to a figure to cover 85.5 positions,” said Morrell.

But then Covid came along with a $150 million shortfall for the city. Then across the board, budget cuts in furloughs followed. Still, Morrell says his January deal should stand because that’s what’s needed to keep the city’s courthouse and elections running.

“The $4.6 million is to cover to salaries of all the fringe and the insurance and everything that goes along with the personnel in my office,” said Morrell. “The law obligates them to pay for the amount of money it takes to operate my office. I’m glad we don’t have any controversies right now because they’ve complied with the law.”



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