City Council announces Voter Access Expansion


Helena Moreno

NEW ORLEANS – This morning, the Louisiana State Legislature signaled that it was unlikely any action would be taken to expand and secure greater access to voting, either in the July primary or potentially moving forward. 

In response, New Orleans City Council President Helena Moreno announced that she would file a motion to designate the November Presidential and municipal election an official City holiday.  “We need to take all necessary steps to make voting easier for people in our community and those around the state. We can’t let the legislature limit access unilaterally,” said President Moreno. “Our vote is our voice, and as this crisis has reinforced, our voice must be heard loudly in order to secure a future for our community.”  

Amending the City’s Holiday Calendar to make Tuesday, November 3, an official holiday would pave the way for all City employees, as well as any employees of businesses that follow the City calendar, more time to access in-person voting. The Louisiana state legislature failed to advance a proposed plan to expand mail-in absentee voting in the July presidential primary and have no plan to address expanded access in November.   Council President Moreno said, “While we do not know what, if any, steps the state will eventually take to expand access to voting – and I strongly urge state officials to propose new plans to take all possible steps – for now, we are doing our part to help as many people vote as we can.”  

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