‘Chucks and Pearls’ in tribute to new Vice President Harris


NEW ORLEANS— Vice President elect Kamala Harris’s last significant trip to New Orleans was in 2019 as the keynote speaker at the conference of her sorority Alpha Kappa Alpha. She was also on the campaign trail and it was a full house.

Fast forward to now and she has the full support of here ‘soros’ and women around the world, as the first woman to ascend to the office of Vice President.

New Orleans AKA sorority sister Shannon Brice said, To see someone who looks like me in one of the highest offices, as vice-president, it’s definitely inspirational.

Supporters of Harris have picked up on the fact that she wears Converse Chuck Taylor tennis shoes and pearls.

According to Brice, “They’re(pearls) are specifically significant to Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority. We refer to our founders and incorporators as 20 pearls.”

As for the shoes, Brice reasoned, “Chucks to me represent being approachable and it just shows that I’m a regular person just like you.”

It’s a trend that’s caught on around the globe and Inauguration Day has been dubbed ‘Chucks and Pearls Day.’

There’s a Facebook group in that theme with over 71k members and hundreds of posts of women and girls getting their Chucks and Pearls ready.

At the office of Dr. Niobe Joseph, her staff is outfitted in tribute to Harris.

“We decided this week we would honor her by wearing our Chucks and our pearls. None of us have any Greek affiliations, but we still wanted to do something special for her,” said Joseph


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