Chlorine shortage felt across the country


NEW ORLEANS — With summer heat on the horizon, many are already prepping their pools.

While the water might need a shock, customers are in for one as well.

“I was caught off guard totally,” said Allen Morton.

Morton was stocking up on supplies at Ducky’s Pools, Hot Tubs and Living in Metairie.

“We have to get the pool ready to celebrate Mother’s Day,” Morton said.

Across the country though, chlorine is scarce.

Josh Ulfers, owner of Ducky’s said, “Chlorine has been flying off the shelves. We’ve been preparing for it for a couple of months now knowing that it was going to hit home for people.”

The shortage is blamed on a massive fire last August at a chlorine plant outside of Lake Charles. The plant caught fire following Hurricane Laura and now, more than half of the chlorine tablets in the U.S. were destroyed.

“Luckily, we bought a lot of our chlorine last year right after the fire before the demand hit nationwide. So, we’ve been pretty stable on our prices, but prices will climb throughout the year,” Ulfers said.

Not only is chlorine a hot commodity, but those looking to dive into a pool or spa might have to wait just longer.

“Everything to do with pools is in short supply right now. We’re able to bring in a lot more product than a lot of other companies, so we’re in slightly better shape. Even some of our hot tub vendors are a year plus out right now,” Ulfers said.

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