NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) — As COVID-19 starts what appears to be a summer spike, there seems to be another health care issue headed our way.

A long-term mental health crisis, something experts say may be worse for kids.

Two years into the pandemic and the demand for psychological services remains at an all-time high, especially among children.

Elizabeth Kemmerly at the Children’s Hospital in New Orleans says their phones are ringing off the hook.

“The need is high,” said Kemmerly.

She says one in five kids has a mental health disorder.

“Less than half of that number are being treated for it,” said Kemmerly.

In a nationwide survey, 71% of parents say the pandemic has taken a toll on their child. 69% even say it was the worst thing to ever happen to their kid,

The White House addressed the problem on Wednesday.

“Over the last decade an alarming number of young people have struggled with mental health problems and the pandemic has made it so worse,” said First Lady of the United States Dr. Jill Biden. “We are recovering every single day.”

With anxiety, stress and depression in kids on the incline, Kemmerly says there is a simple thing you can do to help combat it.

“Talking about your feelings, talking about talking and really meaning it when you’re asking them questions,” said Kemmerly.

She added teaching kids coping techniques, like deep breathing and calming techniques, can help as well.