Chef Jeff at ‘Heard Dat Kitchen’ wants you to listen up as to how to help black owned businesses


NEW ORLEANS– The African-American community was hit hard with the pandemic, and many black owned businesses are feeling the effects, but they are finding ways to thrive during these uncertain times.

It’s business as usual during these uncertain times for Chef Jeffery Heard at a local favorite— Heard Dat Kitchen in Central City.

With the pandemic and everything changing in the world, Chef Jeff, who’s also the owner says now more than ever people need to support black owned businesses because they struggle more.

“My biggest struggle is the income that’s coming in is not enough to grow,” he said.

He says he loves having his restaurant in the black community, being a neighborhood go-to spot, but he has bigger dreams.

“Everyone should support black owned businesses because it helps the community. I just didn’t want to be a black owner, I wanted to be a business in the black community,” he said.

He feels that New Orleans needs to do more to help black businesses.

“New Orleans needs to find a way to support financial institutions that can help us as well. I would one day like to have a white table cloth, fine dining restaurant, that’s something we haven’t seen before. I’d like to see more high-end black owned businesses, not just moms and pops spots,” Heard said.

Heard Dat Kitchen customer, Nicolette Reed said, “We got to support each other, how can we expand, how can we grow,” she said.

The chance to grow is what Chef Jeff will continue to fight for.

Recently Heard Dat Kitchen got some major props. Yelp ranked their fried chicken as one of the best in the United States.


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