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NEW ORLEANS– It’s move-in week at Loyola University, but this year’s move-in look quite different because of the coronavirus.

Loyola University devised a new plan to get students safely moved onto campus with their contact-less move-in. Students pulled up in their cars with their parents and were assigned a designated parking lot, where they had two hours to unload.

Typically you’d see crowds of students with their parents all moving in at the same time to the residence halls, but not this year. They wanted to ensure safety and alleviate any worries.

“We worked hard to schedule move-in appointments for all our students. Everyone has a scheduled time to drive thru, pick up their keys and to unload their cars. This allows us all to social distance in our lobbies and our elevators,” Amy Boyle, Director of Residential Life at Loyola University said.

Every University must decide what works best for their school and at Loyola they partnered with a public health team from Oschner, who made a series of recommendations for them to follow.

“A lot of the concerns are what will happen with the virus and how we will go about mitigating spread. Within the residence halls we’ve spread people out as much as we can. We also have rooms set aside for students who are sick. We have certified nursing assistants supporting our floors with sick students,” Boyle said.

Parent Ruby Moreno said, “I feel 100 percent sure that she’s going to be safe, here at Loyola.”

Student Gabriella Duarte said, “I’m a little nervous because this is all new to us, but I feel like Loyola is taking good care with face masks and social distancing.

Freshman Aleigha Thompson said, “I’m excited and a little worried about how clean everything will be and how social distancing will work, since this is the first time this has ever happened.”

“We will continue to monitor every step of the way as closely as possible,” Boyle said.

Move-in will continue the rest of this week at the residence halls. Classes begin on Monday. The class schedule had to be revamped to include virtual classes as well as in-person classes. This year Loyola has approximately 800 new Freshmen.