Champagne recommendations as you ring in the new year!

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New Orleans (WGNO) - Getting ready to buy some bubbly for your big New Year’s Eve Party? Well, you have tons of options! You can go big, or get some for a bargain. John Keife, the owner of Keife & Company downtown, gives us some advice!

Want a pricier pick?
“What makes sparkling wine more expensive or less expensive is the way that they get the carbon dioxide in. If they inject it, it’s a quicker method, but it’s less expensive," said Keife. "Usually, the finer stuff, the carbon dioxide is developed in the bottle and you get finer bubbles."

Types of wine
"There’s also different types of sparkling wine. In general, the main ones that we know about in this market place is Cava from Spain. Prosecco from Italy and of course Champagne from France," said Keife.

"Cava is usually less expensive, but there’s some higher quality [options], and it’s usually quite dry. It’s price point friendly. It’s great for parties and mimosas too," said Keife.

"Prosecco might have a little fruitiness to it, a little bit of sweetness, depends. It’s a little more fizzy, not as bubbly – a picnic, any sort of casual affair. Afternoon, Outdoors," said Keife.

"Champagne the most famous, comes in different grades of sweetness levels. In this market place, most are going to be dry. If you’re looking for something with a little sweetness look for a 'demi-sec' or perhaps an 'extra dry' if you can find it," said Keife. "Champagne in general is great for special occasions, romantic evenings. I think Rose champagne is fantastic. Rose typically has a little more body, a little more richness, a little more fruit to it, although dry. And I just like it because it can be fun as well for the color!"

Want a big boy for you party?

"We got the Jeroboam, which is a 3-liter. The Salmanazar which is a nine liters. And the mac daddy is the Nebuchadnezzar 23 bottles of wine," said Keife.

For more information check out Keife & Company on Howard and Carondelet Street.


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