NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The New Orleans Police Department is investigating an armed robbery-turned shooting that left one person injured in the Lake Terrace neighborhood.

Two gunshots were fired within about five seconds of each other at the intersection of Paris Avenue and Killdeer Street shortly before 2 a.m. Sunday morning, awaking homeowners in the Lake Terrace neighborhood.

“I was asleep,” the Lake Terrace homeowner said. “I heard kind of a boom, and then I must have heard a much louder boomer, and that for sure woke me up.”

Another homeowner’s surveillance caught two vehicles speeding off following the shooting and neighborhood security going after the vehicles. Moments later, a man yells for help.

New Orleans police say the suspect demanded the victim’s money. Reportedly, the victim gave the suspect his phone and then armed himself with a knife. The suspect then allegedly shot the victim and drove off.

It is unclear if the suspect/victim live in the neighborhood.

“I was pleased to see [police’s] quick response from the boom sound,” the homeowner said. “I’d say it was maybe five minutes at the most.”

Lake Terrace neighbors say it would typically be unusual for a shooting to happen in their neighborhood but that they’ve seen more incidents lately because of more people visiting the lakefront.

“Was I totally surprised? No. Was I pleased at all that it was in the Lake Terrace area because we are a fairly quiet neighborhood,” the homeowner said.

Neighbors believe the mayor needs to take action and more police officers are needed.

“It’s obvious with the amount of crime that’s happening all across the city, it’s not just here, but Lake Terrace is a neighborhood area, so if it’s happening here, it’s happening everywhere,” the homeowner said.

According to investigators, the victim was taken to the hospital to be treated for his injuries.

No arrests have been made.

Anyone with information about this crime is urged to contact NOPD Third District detectives at 504-658-6030 or Crimestoppers of Greater New Orleans at 504-822-1111.