Why Was This Personal Trainer Booted from Lafreniere Park?

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METAIRIE, La. (WGNO) – A personal trainer says he and his clients have been given the boot during his training camp at Lafreniere Park.

Meet Rashad Roussell; a personal trainer who likes to switch things up by getting his clients outdoors.

His clients who live and pay taxes in Jefferson Parish prefer Lafreniere Park.

“It’s beautiful, there’s trees, the weather is nice and you get a better sweat with the sunlight. It’s much better outside,” Alisca Hill said.

But Rashad says he and his clients have repeatedly been asked to leave.

“I remember the first time he was like you got 15 seconds, I done called the cops to get off the premises, you can’t be doing no organized, you can’t be doing no organized workout in the park,” Roussell said.

At our request, a spokeswoman with Jefferson Parish looked into the situation.

She says last week, Rashad and his clients were politely asked to leave the area near the Al Copeland band shell, only because a free concert was scheduled with the Philharmonic Orchestra.

But Rashad says it’s happened before when there was no scheduled concert.

“I’m like why, this is a public park,” Roussell said. “I’m looking at people playing soccer over here, volleyball over here dodge ball over here you know and I’m like why us.” “But he never gave us an excuse we didn’t want any problems so we just left as he said. How many times has that happened? Uhm recently like it just happened last week, which was the third time that it happened.”

“It’s a park; anybody can come to a park so I don’t understand why they’re harassing him,” Hill said.

Alisca Hill has been a witness.

“They don’t ask questions they just say leave.”

Rashad says he once packed up and moved to City Park, but has returned to Lafreneire Park because it’s more convenient for his Jefferson Parish clients.

Trotter asked, “What do you want out of this whole thing? Man, I just want, I just want it to be fair you know, like I feel like this is a public park,” Roussell replied.

The spokesperson for Jefferson Parish was not aware of Rashad being asked to leave more than once.

She added all that’s asked of anyone gathering in the park is to stop by the park office and meet with park officials.

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