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NEW ORLEANS– Some city pools may be left high and dry this summer if they don’t find enough lifeguards to staff these pools.

Calling all lifeguards! With the easing of COVID-19 restrictions, the City of New Orleans is able to open up more, which allows NORD to open more city swimming pools this summer.

“Last year we were only able to open 9 swimming pools. This year we are looking to open 13 swimming pools city-wide,” Larry Barabino Jr., CEO of NORD Commission said.

But before swimmers can make a big splash, city pools need to hire enough lifeguards and that could be a problem.

“We are reaching out to all young persons 16 or older to become lifeguards this summer. We will also have some full-time positions available after the summer ends as well,” Barabino said.

This summer NORD is in need of 60 lifeguards to fill these seats at pools around the city.

“The challenge is if we can’t hire all the lifeguards we need that means we are going to have to open less pools,” he said.

Barabino says currently they are seeing the lifeguard shortage due to the pandemic.

“We know some people are still skeptical because of COVID-19, but we are following all COVID guidelines,” he said.

So in order for the city pools to look like they did before the pandemic when even Mayor Latoya Cantrell took a dip, they’ve got to hire lifeguards.

“Come out, work during the summer and make a positive impact becoming a lifeguard with NORD,” Barabino said.

Seasonal lifeguards will be paid $11.57 an hour.

NORD will host a lifeguard hiring session tomorrow at Milne Rec. Center on Franklin Avenue starting at 5 p.m. They will be training all applicants, and you must know how to swim.