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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – Emergency crews rushed to the scene of a crumbling building in the French Quarter for the second time within a 24-hour period. The 3-story residential home is located in the 800 block of Royal Street. WGNO News Reporter Darian Trotter has details about what will happen next. At a glance the rubble on Royal may look like a dump site, but it’s not. “It’s pretty frightening, pretty frightening,” neighbor Mary Welch said. For the second time in 24-hours, part of a historic building in the 800 block collapsed. “All of a sudden I heard a clum clum,” store clerk Chandra Wright recounted. The pile of brick and wood first formed Tuesday afternoon when the left wall and balcony crumbled. “I’m glad I wasn’t standing underneath it when it happened yesterday,” neighbor Bill Sasser said. “I would just be grateful I wasn’t in the building at the time,” tourist Lori Elia said. Wednesday morning the remaining front of the 3-story residential home tumbled. It sent plums of dust and debris through the streets of the French Quarter, and into nearby businesses. “It was pretty big,” Wright said. “We were just down here last night visiting the street and then we look around today and it’s like whoa what happened,” tourist Bob Elia said. Emergency crews worked to stabilize the building as onlookers pulled out cameras and cell phones to capture the memorable moment. Everyone seemed amazed that there were no cars or pedestrians passing at the time of the collapse, and that no one was hurt. “It was like overwhelming. Thank god nobody got hurt, really because it’s a busy street, you know. You’ve got a lot of businesses in the area and stuff so it was remarkable nobody got hurt,” Welch said. The collapse did force several businesses to close temporarily… And several residents are displaced. “I think that that’s quite messed up that they can’t get their stuff, but it’s for their own safety,” Wright said. “Makes you kind of relook at everything down here. You just want to be sure everything’s stable and structurally sound,” Welch said. The cause of the collapse is under investigation. Inspectors are working to determine if the structure is stable enough to begin demolition, and if there is structural damage to the adjacent buildings. Meanwhile, Royal Street between Dumaine and St. Ann remains closed.