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METAIRIE (WGNO) – Local entrepreneur Sheldon Williams has spent the past seven years of his life developing the “Seafood Locator App.”

“I wanted a way to export our culture to people,” says local entrepreneur Sheldon Williams.

Williams says the app creates a bridge between consumers and local fishermen making it that much easier for people to find the best price on crawfish, shrimp, crab and oysters.

But why seafood?

“My family has been dishing for about 40-50 years now,” says Williams.

And Williams says this is his way of giving back.

“Seafood has always been near and dear to my family’s heart and it’s the perfect app for me to honor them and help them along the way,” says Williams.

Williams launched the app in January of this year.

He calls “Seafood Locator” a “one-stop shop” for seafood and says the best part is it’s free.

You can download the app via iTunes or Google play stores.

Businesses can even sign up to showcase their business within the app for a free 90 day trial.

Williams says “Seafood Locator” has seen success so far, but like any young entrepreneur, he’s thinking big.

“My hope in moving forward is that seafood locator becomes an incubator and an ambassador to Louisiana seafood to the world,” says Williams.