Fight the bite and look good doing it


NEW ORLEANS — There’s the coronavirus, the seasonal flu virus and, as usual this time of year, the West Nile virus which has taken a back seat to the others as of late.

But parishes around southeast Louisiana are reporting positive cases found in mosquitoes. Others have begun using airplanes or trucks to spray for the bugs.

You can use products with deet to help repel mosquitoes. There are also pants, jackets and other gear available for the military and lumberjack types.

But if you want to fight the bite and look good doing it, your best option might just be a New Orleans company called Pang Wangle.

Pang Wangle makes clothes for women — that they’ll want to wear — that also repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, ants and many other insects.

The company bonds the proprietary Insect Shield technology to its fabrics. The repellent is EPA approved and safe for the entire family as well as pets. The clothing is also machine washable and holds the Insect Shield barrier for 70+ washes.

For more on Pang Wangle, including details on how it overcame Covid-19 setbacks, click on the video at the top of this story.


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