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NEW ORLEANS (WGNO) – The dough is stretching. The sauce is splashing.  And the pepperonis, well, they look like they’re flying saucers off to another world.

It’s all in preparation for the World’s Fastest Pizza Maker contest.  Domino’s is behind the competition taking place June 9 in Las Vegas.

In New Orleans, two pizza athletes are ready for the competition.  Just 18 pizza makers from around the world will compete.

WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood has the story.

It really is the Olympics of pizza making.  It happens in Las Vegas.  More than 5,000 hungry fans are watching.

The contest entails making not one, not two, but three large Domino’s pizzas.  One is pepperoni.  The next is mushroom.  And the final pizza is an extra cheese.

The contestants start with the dough.  They toss it.  They stretch it.  They pray over it.

Then, they dive into the tomato sauce.  It’s a test of how fast they can spread it over the dough they’ve just made.

The clock is ticking.

Then the really cheesy part of the event comes.  It’s the cheese.  What would pizza be without cheese?

The world record for this is 32.8 seconds.

The guys from New Orleans have to beat this clock if they want to wear the cheesy, dough, tomato sauce covered crown as World’s Fastest Pizza Maker.