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COVINGTON, LA — In the 500 block of East Gibson Street in Covington, you’ll find an oak tree along the side of the street.  Behind it once stood a small auto repair shop.  In the 1960s, after the auto shop moved out, a man named Norman Foxworth moved in.  Dependable Glass Works was born in 1966.

The company started by offering glass for cars and homes.  But Foxworth says he realized early that — without a regular hail storm — he couldn’t keep his business afloat by making repairs.  So he started traveling the country, seeing what other glass companies offered their customers.  They Dependable did it better!

From researching other businesses, Dependable Glass is now one of the leading glass companies in the country.  It supplies glass for locals, the military, and NASA.  The company has customers as far away as Japan.  Contractors around the world know that if they need some sort of specialty glass for a project, Dependable Glass is the place to get it.

If you stop by the company’s showroom,  you’ll see that from counter tops to shower doors, tables, walls and shelves, Dependable Glass can make your decorating dreams come true in any shape, color or texture.

Dependable uses some of the most high-tech equipment available to make their glass products.  Some of the company’s most popular glass includes hurricane glass which is nearly impenetrable and ice glass which is used for many of the company’s most decorative designs.

If you’d like to see how the company makes its glass, click on the video button above.  It’s incredible to see!