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LAPLACE, La. (WGNO) — The owner of Jim’s Body Shop in LaPlace finds out how all his customers crashed their cars, even if he never asks.

“They feel the need to confess,” Michael Watson told WGNO News.  Often, he says, the story he gets is different from what police hear when they investigate the crash.  Too often, the crashes have the same cause.

“We have consistent ones that are constantly wrecking cars texting and driving,” he said.

So Watson decided to do something about the problem.  He created an app called Text Guardian.  It’s designed for parents to download onto their kids’ phones.  Not only does the app prevent kids from using their phones while driving, it automatically contacts parents if the app is compromised or deleted.

For more details on what the app can do, click on the video button above.

Watson says the Android version of his app will be available in a few weeks.  Then he hopes to have an iOS version ready for the App Store.