Burglars in Lakeview target trucks, why? Check out this surveillance video.


LAKEVIEW, La. (WGNO) Burglars in Lakeview hit a neighborhood usually known to be safe and quiet. These suspects were on a mission, looking for something as they only targeted trucks.

Overnight there were at least four break-ins. On 20th Street, there is littered broken glass in the roadway and in driveways.

The crazy thing about this is the burglars only broke into trucks, not a particular brand or model though. Just trucks. There are several SUVs and cars on these streets but, they remain in tack and untouched.

The good thing is, most of the homes in this area have surveillance videos.
A resident, in fact, shared his surveillance video with us.

You can see the three guys in a white Volkswagen Tiguan.
They were prepared, wearing masks covering their face. Each with a flashlight in hand and a clear plan to break into trucks.

“You could see them going into the glove box and searching for whatever they could find and then going down the street to see whatever they could find,” said Derek Luke, Lakeview Resident.

“It seemed like they were going for weapons or something because one of our neighbor’s trucks got broken into and the wallet was in there but, no gun was in there so they didn’t take it. But they did take his laptop,” Joshua, a victim of a car break-in.

Investigators were on the scene quickly to get evidence before the residents began cleaning and taking inventory of what was stolen.

If you have a tip, call CrimeStoppers at 822-1111.

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