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SLIDELL, La. (WGNO) – The homeowners association for Eden Isles in Slidell wants people to beware of bull sharks in the neighborhood’s canals.

According to an online posting, the association says three or four of the sharks were seen late last week near the canal at Barbara Lane and behind the nearby fire station.

The posting also urges people to avoid trying to feed or catch one of the sharks.  It goes on to urge people, should they hook a shark while fishing, to not land the fish.

Some neighbors told us they’re not worried about the sharks.  But others were surprised to hear that the animals were seen in the neighborhood’s canals.

“It’s pretty scary because some people do go in there,” said homeowner Erin Krumm.  “We have a raft over there that the kids put in when the kids come over sometimes on the weekends.”

Like so many people in Eden Isles, Krumm’s backyard provides a beautiful view of the water.  But despite the hot August temperatures, she has another way to keep cool.

“The pool.”