Brown Pelicans severely injured after storm.


WAVELAND, Miss. (WGNO)- Birds in Waveland, Mississippi took the brunt of the storm. While trying to weather the storm, some sustain severe injuries.

Cristobal didn’t leave much damage behind for residents but, for the birds, the storm was brutal. Especially, for two Brown Pelicans.

“One call we got (was from) the beach crew that comes through here, they found him. He has a really messed up wing. The second one comes from Wildlife and Fisheries. We picked him up just now, about four blocks away,” shared Laura Mioton, Animal Rehabber.

As the storm cleared out, rescue teams moved in. That’s when WGNO reporter Peyton LoCicero and photographer, Jeff Kent met up with the crew from Wild at Heart Rescue.

‘This is how we will spend our day,” said Mioton.

Laura Mioton isn’t your typical first responder. She is a part of a search and rescue team that flocks to the beach after a storm.

“I’ve been doing this for about 25 years and basically if I don’t, who will,” wondered Mioton.

Rescuing animals who have been pummeled by a storm is the mission.

“They are usually in shock. The main thing is to get them stabilized to calm down. Then, we will get them in for treatment,” said Mioton. “These guys both have broken wings. So, they will have to go in to see the vet.”

Since Brown Pelicans have made a remarkable comeback in the past 50 years, it’s important that these two pelicans get the immediate attention they need. Lucky for them, Mioton answered the call.

“When the call comes in, I’m one of the very few over on this end of the coast. I pick them up and get them where they need to go.”

Now in the caring hands, the healing work begins.

The veterinarians are working hard to stabilize the injured pelicans. They are hopeful to get their wings fixed and get them to a rehabilitation center.


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