Brennan’s pocket awareness led to bounceback game for offensive line


BATON ROUGE, La. – LSU’s offensive line didn’t give up a sack against Vanderbilt, much better than the seven they allowed against Mississippi State, but head coach Ed Orgeron credited Myles Brennan’s pocket awareness as the reason. Orgeron even gave Brennan some Drew Brees tape to help him out.

“He worked all week on stepping up in the pocket, not scrambling to his right like he usually wants to once he feels pressure. I made him a little cut up myself of Drew Brees. I don’t know if that worked, but I know he studied it,” Orgeron said.

“He moved up more quicker when he would drop back. First weekend, he would let it get too close, and it’s almost too late by then. The second game, once they came, he saw it, and he escaped first. Then, he bought himself more time looking down the field,” QB Mechanix coach James Washington said.

The pocket Brennan stepped up in didn’t have starting left tackle Dare Rosenthal. Backup Cam Wire was up to the challenge, and his performance on the field impressed Coach O.

“I thought he was very good in his protection, could finish his run blocks a little bit better. We were really worried about their defensive line. They had an excellent pass rush. We didn’t have to give him as much help as we thought we had to as far as chipping or sliding his way,” Coach O continued.

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