BE NOLA’s ‘Black Brilliance’ campaign in support of educators and students


NEW ORLEANS— There is a great need for black teachers in New Orleans. Research has shown that students students benefit more from teachers who share their racial identity.

The non-profit Black Education for New Orleans(BE NOLA) recently released a report to examine challenges that black educators face. BE NOLA also a course of resources for these educators.

BE NOLA Executive Director Adrinda Kelly says, “Our mission and our entire focus in our day to day work is to support black educators here in the city, the schools that they lead to do their best work.”

Their latest project is the ‘Black Brilliance’ campaign meant to send visual messages advocating those educators and students.

Stevona Elem-Rogers, BE NOLA Director of Programming Partnerships added, “We wanted billboards, we wanted yard signs, especially at a time of social distance, where we can’t necessarily gather and have a huge event. How can we push the message out in a way were everyone can participate.”

The boards are going up around town and the yard signs are for anyone who wants to show support, but the message is clear.

According to Kelly, “Quality black educators who are supported to do their best work are the difference maker for New Orleans children, particularly black children in New Orleans.”

The messaging on many of the signs is pretty bold, but they come from us, the people that live here in New Orleans.

Elem-Rogers explained, “It was really a way to lift up what the voices of New Orleans were saying, and put it in our space, so they’re direct quotes about how people feel about education in our space.”

The Black Brilliance campaign was designed by NOLA artist Jacq Francois and the yard signs are available at Park Island Brew in Gentilly, or BE NOLA will mail them to you.


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