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NEW ORLEANS Bassmaster champ Mike Iaconelli stopped by the WGNO-TV studios to talk with LBJ about his new Nat Geo Wild series Fish My City.

The series features Iaconelli fishing in New Orleans and around the country, but he also gave us a few fishing pointers as well.

Iaconelli says, “I started fishing rainbow trout when I was a kid. That’s what got me hooked. It’s crazy. All these years later I’m fishing to speckled trout. Here in New Orleans!”

LBJ: “You have the title that I dream of, professional fisherman.”

Iaconelli: “Louisiana is such a special state to me. People say why? You’re from Jersey. Why’s Louisiana so special.”

LBJ: “2003.”

Iaconelli: “This is the place that launched my career. I won the classic here in New Orleans. I owe my career. It changed my life, this city, this place. Anytime I come here fishing it’s special.”

LBJ: ” ‘Fish My City’ is such a unique series because you are fishing in pretty much unconventional places.”

Iaconelli: “Yeah. The topic of the show is great. As a kid, I grew up in Philadelphia, and when you think of Philly, you don’t think fishing. My family got me started there.”

LBJ: “Wow!”

Iaconelli: “Delaware River, Schuylkill River, these little places where you look at them and you go, ‘Does anything alive swim there?’ All these years later, I’m getting to go to these iconic cities, all over the U.S., all over the world, including New Orleans, and explore what’s here. I’m talking about in the city limits. I’m talking about the canals, Lake Pontchartrain, the Mississippi River itself, City Park lakes. Oh, it’s unbelievable the fishing that’s here.”

LBJ: “We can’t let you leave here, Mike, without telling us or at least giving us struggling fisherman at all times some kind of best tip. Here’s the Mike Iaconelli tip.”

Iaconelli: “I’ll give you one tip. In the show we target 3 species. We caught bull red, speckled trout and alligator gar, and they are totally different. We caught them in totally different areas. There is one constant in all of fishing, especially in New Orleans. It is look for current. If you find moving water, I don’t care if you are in a canal, Lake Pontchartrain, or the Mississippi. Find areas where that current is drifting past something that breaks the current. That’s the key to fishing.”

Fish My City airs on Nat Geo Wild every Friday night at 8, and a repeat airs on Wednesdays.