Barista on a TRICYCLE pedals coffee with a NITROGEN punch

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COVINGTON, La -  Ding, ding.

Ring, ring.

You can hear his bell as he's headed your way.

It's his battle cry.

It's the bell ringing from his tricycle.

And WGNO News with a Twist features guy Wild Bill Wood is in Covington, Louisiana to see what the guy pedaling his tricycle wants to peddle to you.

His name is Jeremy Meeks.

And Jeremy is up to his three wheels in coffee. It's cold brew coffee. You can get it with cream or sugar. Or both.

But every cup, every drop comes packed with a special ingredient.

Wild Bill says, "I'm seeing Lance Armstrong in the drive through at Starbucks!"

Jeremy Meeks says, "well, I'm no Lance Armstrong, but I did work at Starbucks for 16 years."

After a lifetime of lattes at that other coffee place, Jeremy Meeks decided he had to put the pedal to his own metal.

In his battle to keep you caffeinated, Jeremy's got a secret weapon.  It's his way to wake up the world. It's his way to wake up the world his way.

And his way is coffee with nitrogen.

It's nitro brew. And he's got it for you.

Wild Bill says, "I've heard of coffee with cream and sugar and flavored brews, but I've never heard of nitrogen in coffee."

Jeremy says, "it's a gas that makes the coffee less acidic. It makes it really smooth."

That's why Jeremy is on the road. He's pedaling his way to thousands of sippers from flea markets to festivals.

But he may be his own best customer at his St. August Brew Company.

Jeremy guzzles almost a gallon a day, by himself.

It's just what fuels him.




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