Barber who paints combines passions in unique Gretna barber shop and art gallery

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When you walk into The Cut Gallery in Gretna, you’re not just another appointment, you're a guest in the gallery.

"When they come in, most of the time they forget they're coming for a haircut, I kind of watch their faces they walk in like 'wow!' The last place I was at I was used to them timing, it's time and I got to get in and out but when they come in here it's no rush, they get in they get comfortable, the atmosphere is set pretty nice and the first thing they ask me is 'You did all of this?" says Ernest Robert.

Ernest Robert is an artist. He's also a barber. Combining the two simply made sense.
"I couldn't have one without the other, I couldn't come in here with just plain walls and cut hair I would run myself out of here and go crazy. I had to have color I had to have paint somewhere, you know what I'm saying, I can only be comfortable in my world, so I had to create my world," says Robert.

This is where his art is the most disciplined but whether he's using clippers or a canvas, the creativity inside takes over.
"There are some boring haircuts and I have some people who come in and just get something, hair cut all even, rolled out, I give them what they want but it's more exciting when it's time to do designs, you know I feel like a kid on the playground, I get to have fun now. I look at hair as black and white, that's my pencil so when I get on canvas with the paint, I'm painting. Haircuts, they're going to get in the mirror, they're going to look around, they're going to find flaws versus me just going into a room and painting. There's no flaw in it, you know it is what it is when it's done. "

He works with quick precision, paying close attention to every detail. A haircut from Robert is like taking home your own piece of art.
"It's perfect, I love it, he never ceases to amaze me I always get something original a little different from what I want but it's perfect," says client Joshua Amos.

And when the chair is empty again, he's back to work… Painting his next masterpiece.

"I find time in between haircuts, there's always a painting going through my head throughout the day so I don't have enough time but I paint everyday just about," says Robert.

The Cut Gallery is located at 1225 Franklin Ave. Gretna, Louisiana.


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