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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- Right now teachers aren’t hearing school bells ringing, their hearing alarms.

With anxiety and fear building up about returning to the classroom, some teachers are drafting wills just incase.

“This presents an additional layer with those concerns that are teachers you know might not want to have to stress or deal with. But, it’s a reality that many teachers are facing right now,” said Chris Dier, teacher.

Chris Dier is speaking from experience, since he’s a teacher too. He told us, since he’s in good health and young that he’s not so much worried about himself but, its the older faculty he fears for.

“I think about older teachers that have been in the job for a long time, that have dedicated their life to teaching. They may be more vulnerable if they contract,” worried Dier. “I think about my mother and she’s entering her 45th year of teaching. I do think about people that have been teaching for for quite some time now and think about their healthy and their safety.”

With case numbers still surging, teachers are dreading the return to school. They are saying there is too much unknown.
Now adding to their list of concerns before a new school year is death.

With only a few weeks left before kids are back in class, teachers are scrambling to get their affairs in order.

“It’s important for those teachers to make a will before entering those classrooms because when they enter those classrooms. They are going to have a lot on their minds and they are going to have a lot to do. They don’t need to be worrying about what will happen with their property,” said Pat Rooney, attorney at Southern Legal Clinics.

A will is basically a roadmap that gives attorneys an idea of what items go to which person in the event of a tragedy.

“First they should call around, speak to different attorney’s,” explained Rooney. “Don’t just talk to one attorney, it’s not a problem to ask questions of an attorney and to see if they are comfortable with that attorney.”

Rooney said the next step is to list out all of your assests. “So that an attorney can make a determination on how it’s best to word your will. Then, it’s important to let your Attorney know the ages of your children.”

After speaking with several teachers, who didn’t want to go on camera, they say they too are concerned. Saying they are hoping for the best when they go back to school but, they are preparing for the worst-case scenario.