Avery’s Bravery: An 8-year-old beats aggressive cancer and crosses finish line.

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NEW ORLEANS, La. (WGNO)- Sometimes, kids can surprise us all. Their determination and strength to keep going, even when the odds are against them, is truly powerful.

The journey of “Avery’s Bravery,” a child who survived cancer is a story that will inspire us all.

“I`m Avery Henry Alfortish and I`m eight years old.”

To most people, Avery looks like a normal 8-year-old kid. Big smile, a lot of energy and not a worry in the world but, a year ago that was not the case.

“Avery is one of my patients. He came to us , he had been having some issues with some of his physical fitness skills and his dad reported he has trouble passing his swimming test about a month before I officially met him,” shared Dr. Jerome Volk, Children`s Hospital of New Orleans.

That’s where the long journey for Avery began. Undergoing extensive tests, Dr. Volk found an aggressive tumor attached to Avery’s brain.

“It was scary and really hard to go through,” Avery told us.

“Were able to get 99% of the tumor out he did great but he did develop those issues with talking and his coordination afterwards to the point where he had to be admitted to the in-patient rehabilitation service at Children`s Hospital afterwards,” said Dr. Volk.

Running into many issues, it wasn’t clear if Avery would fully recover but, Avery surprised everyone by setting a goal that even his doctor was impressed and inspired by.

“One day, we were in there and they were starting to talk about that the half marathon to the hospital and he said he wanted to do it and I told him if you`re going to do it I`m gonna do it with you,” said Dr. Volk.

Setting a goal and reaching it, it was only the first finish line that Avery and Dr. Volk crossed together. On August 7, 2018, Avery rang the bell as a cancer free patient.

Not losing faith and never giving up, Avery’s message to other kids going through chemo and battling cancer is, “It`s not easy but you can do it.”


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