HAMMOND, La. (WGNO) – They’ve got the beat.

Not just the drums.

The voices, too.

At Louisiana Renaissance Festival, WGNO Good Morning New Orleans features reporter Bill Wood is in the audience for Valkyrik.

They’re now appearing at the Louisiana Renaissance Festival.

They are the stars of the show.

They are Sam Nolte.

She’s got a college degree in dance.

And Tegan Elliott.

She’s a real-life massage therapist.

They met about ten years ago.

And they’ve been on the road, touring festivals, making music for audiences across America.

Bill Wood asks Sam Nolte, “are you sort of the Britney Spears of the Renaissance?”

Sam laughs and says, “we’re mythological creatures, I don’t know if they had the exact style of music in the Renaissance, but you could say we’re the pop music of the Renaissance Festival world.”

“Oops, they did the Renaissance again,” Bill Wood reacts.

Sam Nolte says to that, “did the Renaissance again, I’ll hit the drum one more time.”

Bill Wood wonders and says to Tegan Elliott, “sounds like good Karaoke music for the Renaissance.

Teagan Elliott says to that, “if the Renaissance had Karaoke, we’d have something for everybody from mud baggers to the queen and I think we have bangers for everybody.”

The Renaissance brought culture and art and music to the Middle Ages.

And now, it’s back.

Right here.

Right now.

On a roll, again.

A drum roll.