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Ashleigh Banfield speaks with WGNO’s Curt Sprang about her new program ‘Banfield’ on the News Nation network.

WGNO — Ashleigh Banfield’s resume includes a list of high profile jobs and awards. On March 1, her latest effort called ‘Banfield’ will make its premier on the News Nation network, formerly WGN America.

“I think a lot of Americans are probably like me, exhausted, frustrated, and we just want the facts,” Banfield told WGNO News. “And we don’t want someone telling us how to think.”

Her show will include in-depth interviews that Banfield hopes will be appealing to people who were fans of the late Larry King.

Also, Banfield says she will have a talk show and not a shout show. She adds that her program will take an unbiased approach each night.

“So we’re coming after you guys, and we’re giving you what we think you really deserve.” she said.

Some of the first guests this week include Aaron Sorkin, Bryan Cranston and Robin Wright.

‘Banfield’ airs Monday through Friday nights at 9:00 CT on News Nation.