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NEW ORLEANS– A London artist, Carali McCall broke her record with her endurance art performance at Mac-Gryder Gallery on Saturday night.  She drew circles for 4 hours and 15 minutes, setting a new record.  Her performance was called: “An Arm’s Reach: The Art of Endurance.”

The artist treated an audience of supporters to one of her mesmerizing “Circle Drawing” performances, which lasted 4 hours and 15 minutes. This is a new record for her.   The performance was filmed live for a documentary.  McCall was determined to break her record of two hours and 57 minutes for her first performance in North America, and she did it right here in New Orleans.

Carali McCall’s art is an act of endurance.  Her large-scale drawings are striking, unbroken graphite circles and lines.  The circles are stacked on top of each other, showing all the time and effort that McCall puts into her work.   To witness her in action, it is mesmerizing and hypnotic listening to the sounds of her counter-clockwise motions.    Her art is evidence of the one-way flow of time.

Each performance is different and can last for hours, producing a unique one-of-a-kind image with each new performance. McCall uses her body as a tool, relying on a live audience to give her something to respond to as she performs.

During her Circle Drawing performances, McCall is not merely just drawing a circle. Her performances consist of her continuously drawing circles counterclockwise without lifting her stick of graphite off the paper. The final product is many circles superimposed atop one another in one unbroken line.

McCall’s recent series of 13 circle and line drawings will be on display throughout the Mac-Gryder Gallery through Nov. 30.

(All photos in this article by Photographer Daniel Hughes.)

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