April is Safe Digging Month in Louisiana


NEW ORLEANS— April is National Safe Digging Month, serving as a reminder to all people who excavate or dig to call 811, at least two full business days before digging, to have the approximate location of their utility lines marked.

Governor John Bel Edwards has even recognized the importance of the non-profit Louisiana 811.

Paul Milhet is a Terrytown resident and recently faced the loss of cable and internet service for 16 days.

Utilities marked on a property in Mandeville, La. in advance of burying cables

Milhet says, “What I’m pretty sure happened is it was two weeks ago Saturday, around noon, guys were putting up a fence couple of houses down from me and they were drilling holes. Next thing I know, my cable’s out.”

Brent Saltzman is the Executive Director of Louisiana 811 and he spelled out just how Milhet’s situation may have happened.

According to Saltzman, “Common issues are people not aware that they should call before they dig because no one has x-ray vision. They have thousands of miles of underground infrastructure throughout the state of Louisiana.”

Residents that will be digging can call 811 for the free service or fill out a ticket online at www.louisiana811.com.

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