April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month. Why you should pledge to be an attentive driver

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METAIRIE — “The National Safety Council has been around for 100 years and we’re dedicated to reducing preventable injuries and deaths in the workplace, on the roads and in the community,” says the president and CEO of the South Louisiana chapter of the National Safety Council, Beth Inbau.

But the National Safety Council’s mission cannot be accomplished without community support and that starts with you and your pledge.

“Taking the pledge is a way for people to promise themselves and their family and friends and other people on the road that they’re not going to be a distracted driver. That they’re going to focus on driving, while driving,” says Inbau.

The National Safety Council says distracted driving is a public health issue that affects us all. In fact, motor vehicle fatalities are up six percent from 2015.

“We kill 40,000 people a year on the road, probably around 800 in Louisiana and it’s just too many. One is too many,” says Inbau.

That’s why taking the pledge is so important and there are several resources available to help you create awareness in your community, by sharing the distracted driving message.

“The National Safety Council has a lot of information that’s available to everybody and you can download it right off their website at NSC.org,” says Inbau.

Every seven seconds someone is injured in a car crash and every 15 minutes someone is killed.

“It takes about a tenth of a second to get into a crash, so you take your eye off the road, you take your mind off the road, you take your hands off the wheel, any of these things can cause a crash,” says Inbau.

So now is the time to take the pledge.

Be an attentive driver.

Head to NSC.org and pledge: “To just drive for my own safety and for others with whom I share the roads.”

“What we’d like people to do is really spread the word. Once you understand that distracted driving is really dangerous and that you are going to pledge not to do that, then you need to let everybody know. Let your friends, your family know,” says Inbau.

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