Good Morning, New Orleans! Another gorgeous start to today out there as temperatures are in the 50s or 60s! Yesterday was stunning, I hope you fully enjoyed it! Dewpoints remain in the 40s or 50s across the area which means very dry air and low humidity. This trend will stick around through your weekend.

Expect a lot of sun over the next few days. Daytime highs will struggle to reach the low 80s. Overnight lows will range from the low to mid 50s north to low to mid 60s south.

We were dealing with high fire danger due to dry and breezy conditions Wednesday to yesterday. That coupled with low humidity and dry vegetation created dangerous outdoor burning conditions. A wind advisory was in effect through Wednesday night but has now expired. Certainly not as concerned with this today as wind speeds trend down.

Temperatures begin to warm a little through the weekend, but it will still be beautiful.

With Ian, now a Category 1 hurricane again,so far away from New Orleans, northerly winds on the left side of the storm will no longer create breezy conditions.

Hurricane Ian made landfall near Fort Meyers, Florida Wednesday afternoon near Cayo Costa, Florida. Ian is now a hurricane with 85 mile per hour winds as it moves towards the South Carolina coastline. The system will loop northwest, making another landfall just north of Charleston, South Carolina before progressing through the state. It will move towards North Carolina into our weekend.

We will continue to update the forecast for all day.

Our forecast for southeast Louisiana and the Mississippi Gulf Coast will be lovely.