Alleged Ghost at Oklahoma City Hotel Has NBA Players Running Scared

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OKLAHOMA CITY, Okla. — As thousands of Oklahomans are cheering on the Oklahoma City Thunder in the NBA Playoffs, there may be a few other fans who are rarely seen or heard.

The mysteries surrounding the Skirvin Hotel have been talked about for years as many people claim the 103-year-old hotel is haunted.

In recent years, many opponents of the Thunder have said they had trouble sleeping in the hotel because of one not-so-quiet fan.

In a recent article by the New York Times, editors explained the legend of Effie the housekeeper.

Effie is known for playing pranks on people by knocking on doors, whispering and opening drawers.

In the past, the Knicks blamed creaks and groans for a sleepless night before a loss.

Also, a Chicago Bulls player was shaken by an even shakier bathroom door.

A member of the Phoenix Suns claims he woke to find his bathtub filled with water.

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