All St. Patrick’s Day parades in New Orleans canceled


NEW ORLEANS– For the second year in a row, there’s no luck in having the St. Patrick’s Day parades.

Another un-lucky year for the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club Parade, which won’t be rolling this year because of the pandemic.

“We fall in the same category of Mardi Gras because of no permits, there will be no parades,” Sean Burke with the Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club said.

Burke says canceling the parade is the right thing to do.

“We pray for all those affected by COVID-19. We lost about 12 members of our club due to COVID,” Burke said.

Beau Tidwell, Director of Communications for the City of New Orleans said:

“There will be no St. Patrick’s Day Parades this year due to the on-going public health crisis created by the COVID pandemic. Large gatherings of that kind are not safe in the current environment. As with Mardi Gras 2021, we have to temper our celebrations this year to keep the virus from spreading and harming more of our people. There will be no parades this year, and no large block parties. Gathering limits will be enforced. Additional restrictions may be put in place if necessary.”

“It is something we expected and you could say it is a little bit of un-luckiness,” Lauren Bruser with Parasol’s, who typically throws a huge block party with Tracey’s on parade day says Parasol’s plans on closing because of the crowds.

“Closing our doors is our best bet right now. We can’t control the crowds,” she said.

As for Tracey’s, Owner Jeffrey Carreras says “We are working with the City and NOPD to determine how to serve patrons within CDC guidelines.”

Neighbors like Jeff Willis understand the party can wait.

“I think we understand the ramifications of having a block party and it’s not worth the risk. We are going to miss it, but we are looking forward to it next year,” he said.

Bruser with Parasol’s optimistically said, “Parsol’s is feeling lucky in 2022.”

The Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club will still hold their annual mass on the Saturday before St. Patrick’s Day. It will be socially distanced and everyone must wear a mask. Only 250 people will be allowed in St. Mary’s Church.

The Irish Channel St. Patrick’s Day Club and Parasol’s always help raise money for St. Michael’s School. This year they’re working on coming up with fundraising ideas so they can continue to help.


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